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Friday, December 9, 2011

hmm well this post is actually specially for u..
idk if it does mean anything to you or nt
or do u even still read my blog..?
hmm u noe who u are..
hmm well i juz wanna say that i have nvr hate u..
n i will never will...
well i noe u noe me to well.. n yea i wanna say im
sorry coz i didnt mean to avoid u n im nt..
well for this few days i juz needs more time on my own..
u did nothing wrong to me and i still lurp u..
its juz that i do really miss you truthfully..
:* hurm well its ntg to do with u n him.. dont worry
im really happy for u guys and last forever ok..
i juz feel like ive lost my only best friend?
hmm u says that ure nt gonna do anything abt it?
hmm well its up to u then coz now
i noe where i stand in ur life..
im sry i juz miss you!

Friday, October 28, 2011

wow... it has really2 been long since ive last updated huh..
ok well alot of things happen uh actually bt.. hmm
idk hw im suppose to say this..
hmm ok.. now idk whos with me ..
i juz hate myself? hmm n u noe sometimes it really
hurts me to feel this way.. u noe..
mybe this is all that i deserve...
i hate my life.. nt fully bt this part is killing me..
idk if im suppose to share it here or nt..
hmm ill try my best to smile.. n act ntg..
truthfully i feel like shit..
i juz feel alone! :/ i hate being me.. ..
why must all this happens..
and as for u.. u noe.. im juz asking ur opinions b4 i take action..
bt wats all this? i noe u dun like it n i noe mybe im nt suppose to do it..
bt why must u say that?
truthfully i feel like giving up..
i dun wanna burden anyone with my prob bt
prob please go away... i hate being this way...
please :'(

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hi bloggy..
ok hurm.. wat cn i say today lol..
ive seen that uve been fine now..
yes we're still nt talking to each other..
but.. i guess ure happy now..
hmm idk ... i noe ure still not over me..
bt ive been dreaming about u..
idk why bt i think im missing u..
missing those times we had..
oh crap i hv to stop this .. fine!
wat makes me so diff frm any other gurl..
u treat almost all of them the same..
u let everyone hug u.. ride ur bike..
wat ??im juz the same like one of them wat.. why isit sooo hard?
haix i admit that i really miss you but..
i wont wanna let anything happen again..
im sick of getting hurt..
actually since uve move on..
please dun loo back at me.. n rmb our past
coz i noe ill nvr b over it but..if u do look back..
it make me more hurt of the feelings that is coming back..
ray im sorry..
as for haffis yea.
im happy with u.. bt please trust me.. n dun control me..
u noe actually sometimes i juz feel like letting go of everything..
and be happy.. bt i cant afford to loose you..
my heart is for u..
but the fact is ure still hurting me....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

it juz get me to think n look back at wat ive done..
all the the things ive been through and
every complication and problems im having..
why must it always be me? and
why my lifes is full of miseriez..
yes im happy for now..
bt it juz wont last..
it gets me thinking,...
why do i always get the kind of guy which is always controlling me?
bt thinking again.. im lucky at the same time
coz if he does contrl me means he does love me
n he wont wanna loose me..
bt u noe... i guess everything is too much for me to handle myself..
im juz too weak.. i need someone that really2
understands me n be there for me..
at the same time i would never wanna burden others with my problems
therfore resulting me to not share n keep to myself
which is equals to me dying inside..
oh god.. please help me .
guide me through everything n give me the strenght to face all this

why must i always me th bad person :(
suddently i miss you..
at the same time im wishing that we've nvr met.
therfore all this wld nvr had happen..
im sorry :'(

Monday, August 15, 2011

im better now...
thanks syg for giving me this last chance..
u noe i would never want to loose you..
u really mean alot to me..
thanks for accepting me for who i am
and never stop loving me..
my eye are swollen due to crying ..
but thanks for bringing back my smile and
reason to live in my life..

as for you..
im sorry but its over..
u nearly break my relationship up..
n juz make me die.. sufferring in sadness..
my life is totally over if that happen..
n if really that were to happen..
im really sorry bt idk if i can accept u anymore..
my life is over because of u..
n is that wat u want? are u happy to see me suffering..
please.. for now ..
im sorry bt i dun wanna have anything to do with you..
i juz wanna let it go..
im sorry.. yes i dun hate you but..
this is the end..
idk hw im suppose to face u.. but.. i dun think we're be the same again..

my life is over

Sunday, August 14, 2011

im breaking down
i miss the times like hw we were last time.. :(
im willing to do anything for you..
ure my future.. ure my life..
bt why must this happen..
ure really gg away .. arent u?
ure leaving arent u..
im really2 sorry abt everything i mean everything..
idk wat im suppose to do now..
bt i juz feel like giving up everything..
if i really cant take it.
if i really cant stay strong..
im sorry idk
it wld juz be the normal liyana anymore...
the strong n happy girl will juz b vanish frm me
im sorry

Sunday, August 7, 2011

hey again..
btw this is a post that ray wrote
Hello Facebook World, This Would Be My Very FIRST Post After 2 Years Being A Member. But Im Doin This For A Reason. So Today, On The 7th Of August 2011, 12a.m., Im Dedicating This To ( My Full Name ). Does This Even Mean Anything To You? I Hope So... :)
urgh..... y are u putting this up for me??
i mean really.. juz why..
u are making me feel so so bad n sad..
i mean.. u noe urself that we cnt be tgther n we cant be close like b4..
but why are u hurting urself by puting this up for me..
ray..... hurm
im already hurt by the situatio we're in now..
please dun hurt me more :(
what are u trying to do...?
kill me? :(